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48 minutes ago
Fluid: Removed Empty Space option for liquid domains

The option only makes sense for gas domains where there is some density.
49 minutes ago
Fluid: Optimization for mesh file loading

Improved loading times for mesh files by reading bigger chunks of data from the disk at once.
3 hours 43 min ago
NormalOverlay: Center Dot Normal Drawing With Modifiers

When using generative modifiers too many center dots were rendered in
the normal overlay. This patch only renders the normals of original
center dots.

Known issue: decoding the `norAndFlag` has issues on Intel GPU.
4 hours 15 min ago
Normal Overlay: Hide Normals Of Generated Loops

The loop normals were always drawn. We used to only draw the normals if
it was mapped to an original loop of the mesh. Due to recent changes we
can not find the correct loop and decide if we need to draw them.

Note still need to check the face dots normals. This is more complicated
as facedot normals needs to be encoded in a different way
4 hours 55 min ago
Cleanup: reduce code indentation in autokeyframe_pose()

This makes the code a bit simpler to follow, by replacing
`if (x) { all the code here }` with `if (!x) { continue; }` and un-indenting
the remaining code, and by returning early.

No functional changes.
4 hours 55 min ago
Fix T75142: No autokeying with pose mode X-Mirror

This was caused by the removal of some `BONE_TRANSFORM_MIRROR` flag
handling in rBde530a95dc7b482dc22c933b9b8b2a98c79b5663. I simply
restored those lines that caused this issue.
5 hours 8 min ago
Fix T75053: Paint Overlay Show Modified Wires and Edges

The paint mask overlay showed the wires and edges of the final mesh.
This change will only draw wires and edges that are mapped to the
original mesh.

This change enables mapping data in regular Mesh extraction. This
can also be used for better drawing of the normal overlay.

Reviewed By: Clment Foucault

Differential Revision:
5 hours 35 min ago
Fix help message misc argument grouping

Correct reference to non-existent argument.
Revision 3351a26 by Sergey Sharybin
5 hours 55 min ago
Subdiv: Extend some comments
8 hours 3 min ago
Fix armature edit-mode selected linked

Selecting linked would only select a single arbitrary chain.

Now select linked follows all child-chains of the bone.

Also add support for following all links, similar to how this would work
if it were a mesh with connected edges instead of only child chains.

Leave this off by default to match pose mode.
8 hours 4 min ago
Armature: remove merge function, use dissolve instead

This was crashing, when looking into a fix I noticed that it gave
hap-hazard results dissolving past forks in the parent/child hierarchy
arbitrarily following one chain.

This functionality is almost identical to "dissolve" which delimits
forks in the chain predictably.

So remove this in favor of dissolve (available from the delete menu).
12 hours 37 min ago
UI: center align icon-only pull-down menus

Resolve issue noted in D5482, texture slots '+' icon for example
was noticeably off-center.
12 hours 47 min ago
Cleanup: remove print left in recent fix for T66655
15 hours 40 min ago
UI: use operator name for extrude repeat

Match names between the redo popup and the menu item.
15 hours 40 min ago
Extrude Repeat: support storing the offset vector

Without this, adjusting properties always re-initialized
from the view-vector.
16 hours 43 min ago
Fix extrude repeat leaving selection history unselected
16 hours 52 min ago
UI: move extrude repeat out of the vertex menu

This works for all selection modes,
include last below a separator since it's a specialized function.

Note that the previous commit was raising an exception as operator
properties don't support 'or'.
17 hours 10 min ago
DRW: match edge opacity to 2.82

Edges were hard to see in some cases in edit-mesh vertex/face modes.

Since 804e90b42d72 alpha is handled differently,
update edge alpha to visually match 2.82.
17 hours 10 min ago
Theme: adjust lamp alpha to visually match 2.82
18 hours 45 min ago
UI: Move Array Extrude Below Verticies
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