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Michael Kowalski (makowalski)

Total Commits : 491
Master Commits : 4
Branch Commits : 487
First Commit : September 30, 2020
Latest Commit : October 26, 2021 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
October, 20217
September, 20217
August, 202123
July, 202195
June, 202157
May, 202180
April, 202175
March, 202158
February, 202120
January, 20211
December, 202017
November, 202020
October, 202030
September, 20201

Commit Distribution

PathNumber of Commits

Favourite Files

FilenameTotal Edits

File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Modified1 1802.4

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added18 52442.8
Lines Removed10 05423.2

Latest commits Feed

Revision e2a783f by Michael Kowalski (universal-scene-description)
11 hours 43 min ago
USD export: fixed linux an mac compile error.
Revision 265df7b by Michael Kowalski (universal-scene-description)
12 hours 22 min ago
USD IO: attribute conversion improvements.

Initial implementation of logic to import USD
attibutes as Blender custom properites, with options
to import all custom attributes or only those
attibutes in the 'userProperties' namespace.

New export option to add custom properties to the
'userProperties' USD attribute namespace. This
option is enabled by default.

Removed hidden functionality where custom properties named
with the prefix 'USD_' were being saved to properties on the
USD prim that have the same name, without the prefix. This
code was not type safe and could lead to unexpected behavior
in case of accidental property name collisions.

Added support for converting between USD int, float and
double vectors and Blender array type custom properties.
Revision f1828d3 by Michael Kowalski (universal-scene-description)
15 hours 38 min ago
USD IO: enable presets.

Enable Operator Presets drop down menu
for the USD import/export operators.
1 day and 18 hours ago
USD IO: handle UMM Python module load error.

Clearing the Python import module error if loading
the UMM module failed. If we don't do this, the
Python unit test for USD will fail if the UMM
addon isn't installed. Also printing the Python
error in this case, if printing warnings is enabled.
October 22, 2021, 16:17 (GMT)
USD export: fix build errors with latest master.
October 21, 2021, 02:08 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' of git.blender.org:blender into universal-scene-description
Revision 0baa876 by Michael Kowalski (master)
October 20, 2021, 16:07 (GMT)
New test for USD import.

Added a basic test for importing a primitive hierarchy from a USDA
file into Blender. This was reviewed by Sybren in patch D12479.
September 24, 2021, 17:46 (GMT)
USD IO improved feedback.

Now parsing the Python notification dictionary object
returned by UMM to output warnings and error to the
Blender log.

Removing unneeded log message when setting the
default prim, as it can obscure more important
warnings and errors in the status bar.
September 23, 2021, 21:25 (GMT)
USD IO options improvements

Added default values for the Default Prim Path,
Root Prim Path and Material Prim Path export
options. Now validating that these options are
set to well formed USD paths and raising an
error if these paths are invalid. This helps avoid
potential crashes when attempting to define
USD prims with invalid paths. Also updated import
shaders option menu tooltip.
September 15, 2021, 01:35 (GMT)
USD Import: minor format fix

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